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We started last week with a huge win for people power when millions across the country successfully called for President’s Obama’s veto on Congress’s circus-style attempt to push forward the Keystone XL pipeline.

But this wasn’t the only climate milestone worth celebrating this week; we’ve also got some pretty amazing solar energy news:

1) An increasingly diverse range of solar supporters achieved an important solar win in Indiana, demonstrating that renewable energy is not a partisan issue, but a battle we’re fighting between people and fossil fuel interests.


2) Demonstrating this support nationally and articulating what just solutions to climate change look like, the NAACP Board of Directors approved a resolution last Saturday to “continue to support the deployment of clean energy sources, specifically solar and wind power, especially distributed solar located within local communities, and will advocate for pricing structures that are fair and do not unduly burden low income ratepayers.”


3) While utilities and fossil-fuel funded advocacy groups would like the public to believe that solar investments only benefit the wealthy, a Missouri Energy Initiative study released this week shows that net-metering is a net-benefit for all Missouri utility customers.


4) Building off of Google’s existing commitment to power its own energy-hungry data centers with 100% renewable energy, its exciting to see the company put up hundreds of millions of dollars to finance roof-top solar for homes and families.




5) And lets not forget, even before the Keystone veto, this week started with Greenpeace exposing fossil fuel companies’ direct financial support of #fakexpert climate denier, Willie Soon.


All of these things happened just last week. There are stories like this emerging everyday. So yeah, if you haven’t noticed yet, the Energy [R]evolution is here and now.

From a veto for Keystone XL to a win for solar in Indiana, these moments are all a result of thousands of people organizing, muckraking, and working to build the world we want. Join us.






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