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Solar All About (A v Heerden) - The book that changed it all

About the book:


Solar All About is a book written by an industry expert with years of experience in Solar Power and Alternative Energy. It covers the basics of how solar power works, how to design a system that suits your requirements, what individual components do, how to connect the whole system together, what dangers and pitfalls to look out for, etc. 


Why you should read it:


  1. Well researched and presented. There are many illustrations, calculations and examples. 

  2. Based on the authors +12 years of hands-on experience in the solar and renewable energy sector.

  3. The book gives the reader an overview of how solar and renewable energy systems work, how related components function in a system and how to manage and maintain your "power station".

  4. A must read when you are researching and planning your solar or renewable energy power system. This book will give the reader an indepth understanding of the how, what, where and why's of solar and renewable energy.

  5. The book is the basis of the Solar Energy Group methodology for designing and building solar and renewable energy systems that will last long, be efficient, be sustainable and give clients a return on their investment.

  6. The book guides the reader through the critical steps of system planning, design, configuration, management & maintenance.


Comments from readers:


"This book is a really good investement"

Jannie Fereira


"Only after reading the book, did I understand how my solar system was working. Wish I had bought it before I got the system"

John Simms


"I'm not very technically inclined, but the solar book helped me understand how to use, monitor & manage my solar power. It made me realised that you can't have a solar system but not know how to monitor and manage it. It's a lifestyle change"

Melanie van Wyk


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